👋🏼 Hi, I'm Jade.

For many (and I do mean many) years, I've been building things for the Web. From my first fan site, to the user interfaces that launched Apple Music, to designing and engineering sites and apps for various people, campaigns, and causes, I have always enjoyed crafting custom digital experiences.

In the modern age of social media fatigue, I've set this site up as a portal to share and connect with my friends and community.

February 18, 2024

Llanquihue, Chile

Dart gun and target board, showing 1 dart on 4 points, 1 dart on 6 points, 2 darts on 8 points, and 1 on 9 points, for a total of 35 points

Not bad for my first game

Dart gun and target board, showing 2 dart on 6 points, 1 dart on 8 points, and 2 on 9 points, for a total of 38 points

Even better the second time

Three friends clicking together Corona beer in a "cheers"

¡Salud, amigos!

January 18, 2024

Puntarenas Province, Monteverde, Costa Rica

View of the Nicoya Gulf and Peninsula, from Monteverde. Blue sky, lush jungle.

Best. View.

Selfie of Jade Pennig, smiling, sitting on a hammock in the jungle, wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt

It's gonna be a good year

Monteverde cloud forest treetops from a cloud bridge

January 12, 2024

Puntarenas Province, Uvita, Costa Rica

A view of Whale's Tale

Waterfalls @ Haciendo Ébano

January 3, 2024

Las Cascadas, Puerto Octay, Chile

Las Cascadas

Chasing waterfalls

(iykyk 😏)

January 2, 2024

Puerto Varas, Chile

Sunset over Lake Llanquihue

Hola, Patagonia

November 13, 2023

Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Selfie of Jade Pennig in the back of her Rivian R1S, camera facing the dash, which shows camping mode controls

Rivian Glamping

Holbrook, AZ, USA

Rivian R1S at a Rivian Charge station

First Rivian charge station

Mesa Verde National Park, CO, USA

Mesa Verde National Park ruins - a city of stone carved into the side of a canyon

Mesa Verde National Park

Gear Guard stuffie sitting on the Rivian R1S's passenger seat, looking over a map of Mesa Verde National Park
Selfie of Jade Pennig in front of Mesa Verde ruins, buildings which are carved into the side of a canyon in western Colorado

November 12, 2023

Chimney Rock, CO 81147, USA

A side shot of a green Rivian R1S on the side of the highway in southern Colorado

Adventure vibes

Duncan, CO, USA

Sitting down for a break climbing the dune field, taking a shot down at the climb, legs and boots in view

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Giant golden sand dunes in front of a vibrant blue sky, at Great Sand Dunes National Park
Hiking boot footprints in a sand dune at Great Dunes National Park
Far shot of the dune field at Great Dunes National Park, golden dunes on a vibrant, clear, blue sky backdrop
A close up shot of the massive golden dunes at Great Sand Dunes National Park

November 11, 2023

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Stickers on a pole at a restaurant in Colorado Springs, featuring one reading, "Girl, Get After It"

Getting after it

Looking down at the city of Colorado Springs, from Flat Rock Park

Colorado foothills

Selfie of Jade Pennig, wearing a hat and sunglasses, holding a Sony A7R camera

Shooting the shot in Colorado

November 10, 2023

Avoca, IA, USA

Gear Guard stuffie sitting on the windshield of a green Rivian R1S

Gear Guard reporting for duty

Eagan, MN, USA

Rivian R1S dashboard showing the lane assist UI, driving at a speed of 65mph

Rivian's lane assist is 95% amazing and 5% cringe